Global Meetings Industry Day

Happy second annual, GMID and hats off to Meetings Mean Business and the Convention Industry Council for starting the movement. There’s so much to celebrate and be proud of. The statistics for the meeting industry’s impact on the economy are staggering. According to Meeting Planners International the meetings industry contributes $393 Billion to the US’ Gross Domestic Product, employing professionals in the travel, tourism hospitality, and entertainment industry in addition to a host of others.

We are a profession of seemingly tireless individuals, whose inexhaustible energies and passion bring people together to motivate, educate and celebrate, and most of the time, while simultaneously accelerating an organization’s sales cycle. Today, without borders or boundaries, we stand together and unite and give a voice to our efforts. So, make some noise and let the world hear us roar!

The Strategic Meetings & Events team stands proud and tall on Global Meetings Industry Day. Our mission, today and every day, is to elevate the status of the talented individuals who have chosen this field and to help them earn the respect and recognition they deserve.

Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM
Visionary | Entrepreneur | Strategist


“Meetings support sales so support your sales meetings.”

Lisa Dooley
Director of Strategy and Operations
“A Woman with a Plan”

James Rota
Director of Imagination
“The Creator of All Things Fabulous”

“Creative energies soar when people come together.”

“Face to face meetings are paramount to forming true relationships.”

Sanece Marie Poolas
Senior Event Strategist
“Our Own Mary Poppins”

Cody Price
Media Strategist
“Jedi in Training”

“Businesses, economies, and communities need F2F meetings.”

“In person interaction is priceless. Virtual meetings are not.”

Sherri Fuchs
Event Strategist
“Moves Mountains”

Erin Buckley
Strategic Support Manager
“Energizer Bunny”

“Technology cannot replace a smile and a handshake.”

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