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Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM

Having been a Vice President of a Fortune 50 company, and a member of five start-up organizations, Christy’s strategic insight and creativity will make all your events truly memorable experiences. She understands the myriad of challenges corporate event planners face, and brings a ‘can-do’ attitude to each event.

With 20 years of industry experience, Christy has worked on events ranging in size from 150,000, to intimate Board of Directors meetings and places the same attention to delivering exceptional results on all of SME’s programs. Her experience running and producing tradeshows, building and executing highly profitable sponsorship programs, speech writing and speaker coaching, production acumen and her contract negotiation savvy give her a breadth and depth of experience that few in the industry share.

As a frequent speaker, contributor to industry publications and professor of meeting and event management, Christy has dedicated her career to the industry and raising the bar on how programs are produced. Remembering that laughter and having fun is a key component to any successful endeavor, Christy blends professionalism with a sense of humor and an unwavering commitment to excellence.



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Event Planners Association Podcast

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What if I told you I wanted to personally orchestrate the end of the meeting and event planning profession as we know it today? Strategic event planning takes flight is the start of a movement.An event strategist knows that content is the key to a successful meeting. While the logistics are important, they are all too often prioritized over a well