By Christy Lamagna, CMP, CMM, CTSM

• 25 strategic questions to ask CVBs
• Gaining knowledge to accurately choose a destination for your meeting or event

Strategic questions event planners frequently askNo one can think of everything, but with this handy list, you’re well on your way to a productive conversation with a CVB. Remember, the goal of the CVB is to share area expertise and to earn your business, so make sure you utilize their wealth of knowledge to the fullest.

Strategic Questions

1. Are there any incentives being offered by the City to bring an event? If so, what are the parameters?
2. Do you have a site visit program?
3. If my group/event is large enough, would you consider hosting the client’s airfare to do a site visit?
4. Are there any city-wide events going on the week of, the week prior to, or the week after my proposed dates?
5. Are you aware of any new hotels coming online that are not yet open but will be when we are hosting our event?
6. Are any of the current hotels planning renovations?
7. What is the largest event the City hosts? How many people attend?
8. Are there any local events taking place over my dates that I could consider for my group?
9. What is your City best known for? What food is your city famous for?
10. Do you offer maps or collateral we can hand out at our registration desk?
11. What apps/links can you provide to help us promote the City?
12. Do you offer a custom landing page we can use?
13. Why is your City the best place to take our event?
14. What corporations consistently host events here? May I have a contact name?
15. Is there any major construction or repair work scheduled for your airports, mass transit, roadways, bridges, and tunnels of which you are aware?
16. Is there a city-wide labor union contract that is due to expire/be negotiated between now and my event?
17. What taxes and fees are imposed by the City on meeting rooms, sleeping rooms, etc.? Is there a motion to have these fees increased between now and our event? If so, by how much?
18. Are our event dates during your high or low season?
19. Is there a weather pattern that falls over the timeframe we intend to come of which I should be aware?
20. What DMC consistently gets the best feedback from clients?
21. Is Uber allowed at the airports?
22. What is the airport proximity to your desired location? Is public transportation available? What is the approximate drive time during rush hours?
23. Do you have a list of direct flights per day for your local airport that you can share?
24. What independent (non-chain) hotels are available?
25. What locations within your destination can accommodate my group and its needs?
26. Bonus question: What did I forget to ask that I should know or that you want to tell me?

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